Cme curing easy with rasaushadis – 20th july 2018

आम वात use of rasaausadhi on amavaata Dr GSA


– The aharasa when located in the aama is called Amasayagata Amma and ciriculated to the blood stream The indigested particles is absorbed and sujected to the body . The phenomen ai scalled अपचितम शरीरनूतम आहाररस ।

— If the oily food is taken, gresssy ood ahararasa, the rasadhatu composition is also greezy. These aharasaa and phenomena is aalso Ama rasa

What is the role fo the Agni?

The concept looks like the ama is formed only due to the improper functioning of the Jathargni and Dhatwagni. The Jatharni is the agni related to the amasaya. The phenomen of dhatwagni is to be understood properly in relation to the jatharagni for the Dhatwagni ama formation.

– When the jathragni isnot working well, then the biotransformation of the element that is called ama. It is not mala in these regrd, The rasa theat has not been transformed and not retend is called ama, The rasa has to be tranformed from rasa to rakta and so on . But the phenomona is deranged.

how there is relation beween Bhutagni and Jatharani.

The two factors arenot separable. The bhutangi isnot inseparable to the Jathargni. So the phenomona of the agni can be undertaken here.

प्रथमोदोषदूँषटी आम

Ama is working in relation with the ama. But there is no compulsory that the agni should be in relation with the agni. where there is dosha-dushya relation, the pathogen occurs and the phenomena of this ama is without the Agni.

This condition can be elaborated with the concept of amajwora. Initial phase of the patient here is ama, which isnot associated with agni

दुस्टेभयों अन्योन्य मुखनाम आम

dosha vititated that interacts with each other is called arogya murchana. No agni is involbed in the product of the mixture of the dosha. As. Su. 21/36



The partually digested foood, not digested may get into the toxic elemebt which is called Botulism,. here ahara anana has got into the ama visha.. This is due to the agni or jathargni.


Madhukosha ama 1/2

Here it is mentioned as the faecal matter is also ama.


Division of ama

1. Avaikarik- Prakrit jirna

2. Vaikarika- a. Agni related 2. Agni unrelated (व्यतिरक)

Here, the व्यतिरक is classsified into three types:

1. प्रथमोदोश दुशती 2। अन्ययोमुर्छ्हान 3। मलसंचय

here if we differentiated accordin gto the phase we can define as

1 phase- amasaya

2. 2nd phase- सरीरगत

3. अन्ययुगत वात- 3rd phase

the patient of amavaata firstly form kosthagata ama which forms the specific position ama lakshana, and after that sareeragata vata maniefstating to the generalized body.

अन्यायमुरचना – 2nd phse initiating on jatharagni. Here the ama is due to the kapha and vaata interacting (Madhanidana 25 (2-4)


There are alots of catagroy of sthma- roga satmya sobhava satmaya,

विपर्यय concept is important here.

स्वोभाव satmya:

Sahaja satmya

सात्मय विपर्यय – The concept is valid in virudhaahara too

sobhava viparya . C.chi.6/253

The vata property and kapha are opposite but they never go to the interaction . But they are in intereraation means it is swobhava satmya.

सहज satmya

Autoimmunity: here the interration can be called as sahaja satmya

Theree factrs is important]

Sobhaba satmya

samnya satmya


Here the sobahava samtya is called autoimmunity. the vata and pitta in relation ship in continously will cause the ammavaata .

The dhatu converts to the ama is allthe shifting is called Anyayamurdhavaaata

The amavaat chikithsa

– While treatement the sodhana process is a prompt but th ediagnosis of ama is necessary. Firstly there shoudl be proper diagnosis of ama, otherewidse the amavaata would be like the unripen fruti squeexing ;.

Soshtagata vaaata we are going- langana, svedama, dipana , pachana therapy.

Sodhana for sakhagata and sareeragata ama

o fo rthe k

Kosthagata amachikitsaha (c.Ci.15/75-76)

Anyamurchita vaata.. Su. Su 33/3

If they donnot respond then go the rasayana therpay The rasayan therapy has got the potential fr the rejunvination

Case of using the rasa ausadhi:

the formaulation of rasa ausahadi can be used in any changes to fthe ama weather . if the patient cannot digested the large dose tof the medicine then we cba prescribe the rasa medicine in any phase stages. Eg. Mritunjaya rassa in 250gm in kostha will be working fgreat but the medicine ie rasayan of 12gm or 90 gm raasayan may not be satmya for the patient. So , on the basis of the appetite accordin got he stages, rasa medicine can be only used or adminstered.


Here the dose to be adminsted on resa is 250mg where we used to take the amount of the crude drug as 3gm, here by 6 times the proportion is being reduced

Medicine prescribed

1. Amavaateshwor rasa : using panchakola, guduci (where panchagula is sed fo rthe koshtagata ama, guduchi for the anyayumurchit aama ) and panchakola for the sareeragata

2. Amavaatharai – Here 2gm of kastha ausadhi used, tripahaldi leha 1 gm

3. Birbhadraabhraka rasaa : Citraka helpful

4. Singhanata guggul containing the parada and gandaka – (this is sodhita hingula 250gm)

5. Swarna bhasma.


Kosthagata vatta- deepana pachana

Sreeragata vaata- sodhana

ANsyayumurchit – rasa rasayana

Rasa kasthadi bhawaana

Alapamatra prayoga



Annapana-vesasa kriyabirodha

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Antidepressant property

Tail hanging methods of rat : 

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-12 at 11.38.54 AM



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Pentobarbitone sleeping time

Vomtrol, standard, test



Writhing time

Sleeping time

On 7th day_ 25 to 30mg per kg

After dose… latency to sleep…

10min… Duration of sleep- calculation of the sleep hours from start to wake up.


Drug- sedative in comparison should be increased

Control comparison


List of the sleeping hours



Animal model we cannot get direction anto,, measure the symptoms >>> oxytrimor model is used to assess

Model test for muscle- muscle tone- rota rod

Riserpine induced catatonia model


Oxytoxin 80mg/kg

– salivation, lacrimation, tremor, ataxia moment, jerk moment of present

– Assessment – 10min, 20min, 60min,120min after giving th medicine

– 0- no, 1- mild, 2- moderate, 3- rigid

– Assessment for tremor, .. all of them


Reserpine induced catatonia



– Catatonia- iif placed one leg upside,,, muscle rigidiy occur and remiam for same position

– Ptosis

– Sedative

– Hypothermia

Grading- 1,2,3

0,1,2,3,4,5,6 hour assessment


Rota rod apparatus

For assessing muscle rogidity


Antipsychotic model


– radial maize apparatus

– Tunnel apparatus

– Exploratory behavior whole body

– Cooks pool climbing apparatus


Assessment present of CAR- conditions awareness response

– bell or shock

– Response- climbing



No alarm

– two cases

Shock without alarm- jump (car)

Before alarm- cam present

And after- cam absent

If cam present – antipsychotic present



– grip stain meatsr

– Hold the mess

– Pull the tail

– Gnawing started

– Holding strength if the rat will be assessed


Exploitative behavior



Anticonvulsion study

1. Chemical

2. Electrical

1. Chemical

Pentamethyltetrazole (PTZ)

It will be inducing convulsion- mice is preferred 80mg/kg intraperitonial

Assessement criteria

1. Onset of jerk moment

2. Number of myoclonic jerk

2. Straub tail

4. Clonic or tonic convulsion

5. Duration of death or recovery- This is the most important criteria for analysing the effect.


1. Controlled- less

2. Test- more in intensity and number should be decreased





Electroconvulsion/ supramaximal electric shock convulsion technic

— shock instead of chemical via eye or ear

– 180mv in 0.2sec time to induce convulsion

Assessment will be done

**Stroma condition

Kindling model

– best on status epilepticus model

– daily inj ptz with 30mg/kg along with control group

– daily monitoring will be observed

– minimum day of 11

– all control group will go into death.

This model is done coninously for observation of long time period. The dose given 80mg/kg is reduced half to 40mg/kg and then observation is done. For observating at a time, the first rat is started at 0 sec, second rat at 3 sec and timely accordingly. The recording chart is made and collect the no of convulsion of the rat in which time interval. (SDM, 07/13 observation)


The criteria is fixed for the observation as 1,2,3,4,5.



Stretching inducing – strychnos nuxvomica

Kanic acid induced convulsion model

Ayurveda terminology

ayurveda dictionary


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Agada tantra terminology


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Normality curve distribution

Contraceptive property of ayurveda drugs- animal experiment

Firstly, take a distilled water and put at vagina and withdraw discharge. Then make a slide smear and examine histologically.

Vaginal smear may be taken in the following way to confirm the actual stage. Cotton swab made with toothpick is moistoimed with saline and gently inserted and slightly rotsted within the vagina. The swab is then pressed in a drop of saline on a microscope slide amd examined under low power.

An alternative and better method is to be take the vsginal wash with a few drops of saline with the help,of a capillary pippettee fitted with a rubber tube. This method is usually done (mn gosh, 5)

And examine the smear microscopically,, and examine the stages

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Eczema/ allergic dermatitis

Systematic review of eczema – collection of the researches

Atopic eczema and allergic dermatitis

Cochrane review regard eczema

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